A Visit to Homecut Donuts

Among the many things I did not appreciate about my hometown of Joliet when I still lived there, there is Homecut Donuts. I can count on one hand how many times I made the 10-minute trip from my parent's house to choose from the dizzying selection of always-fresh, always homemade donuts on display. 

Now that I've been in Chicago for 10 years, and really understand what it's like to want for a cute little homemade donuts joint, packed with old people and crazies at any given hour of the day, I can truly say I love and respect Homecut Donuts. 

There are plenty of sweet treats to choose from - honey dipped, German chocolate, cherry cake (which tastes just like cherry grenadine and donut mixed together), sprinkle donuts-on-a-stick, frosted cinnamon buns the size of your head and my personal favorite, the sundae - a dressed-up glazed yeast donut for those who prefer ice cream for breakfast. 

We chose honey dipped, a few sundaes, German chocolate, chocolate cream-filled, toasted coconut and a few other classics and our only regret was also getting a box of coffee to take back home. I should have guessed by the number of old men inside that this was not going to be the strong, dark coffee I have become accustom to as a city slicker. This was, at best, truck stop coffee.

But that's OK, because Joliet is a trucker town and I was the one out of place, eating their food and passing judgement on their beverages. The donuts more than made up for it, and the lesson was learned. I'll be back, Homecut Donuts, so fire up the friers

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